Chill out big time

Been on the road for a while? Need some time to reflect on your travels? Want to catch up on some reading? Want to share some travel stories, maybe pick up a few tips? Olympos is the place for you!!!

Chimera - Flame Tour

Check out the amazing phenomenon of the natural gas flames known as the Chimera. This geothermal event has been burning for thousands of years. The contents of this gas that makes these flames re-ignite, is still a mystery. Come and see for yourself and tell us your theory. Trips to the Chimera leave every night after dinner.

Beach Time

Olympos beach is situated in a picturesque bay in the shadow of Olympos Mountain(Tatahli). The beach is located only 500 meters from the Pension! Which means of course when you unglue yourself from the platform you can head down there any time of the day. You have to walk through the remarkable Olympos ruins to get there, once at the beach you are still surrounded by reminders of past civilizations. Beach time is made even more fun with the local beach goats providing light entertainment!


Test your fitness and explore the coves, hidden caves and stunning colours of the Mediterranean waters by kayak.


Need to burn some of that beer and chocolate off and expel some energy? Get your adventure fix while hiking around the surroundings peaks of Olympos Valley. The "Lost City" trek is a favourite amongst travellers. This trek is a small section of the Lycian way, a 580 km trek from Antalya to Fethiye. In the cooler times of the year we have a trekking guide who will take you on an informative adventure, ending with a well-earned swim at the Olympos beach.

Olympos Climbing Packages

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