Bayrams has several computers available so that keeping in touch with the folks at home or your friends on the road couldn't be easier.

International Phone

When you've got to use the phone, we've got you covered. Bayrams offers national and international calling as well as faxing. Reverse charge and phone card calls can be made at no charge. And if you can't stop talking, Bayrams offers a call-back line so your friends can call you back.

Safety Boxes

Bayrams offers individual safety boxes for all tree houses and bungalows. So if you want to go to the beach or out for a hike, you can keep it safe and lock it up.

Bayrams Bar and Restaurant

Bayrams bar offers plenty of cold beer and summery cocktails and boasts some of the best music play lists in the Olympos Valley. Just put it on your tab, and pay when you check out. While also not included in the price of accommodation, lunch is available to order at the restaurant.


Olympos is a small village and has no banks or facilities to obtain cash, so make sure you have enough before you come. To pay for your accommodation and tab, we accept credit cards, travellers cheques or foreign currency, in addition to Turkish Lira.

Travel Planning

Not sure how to get to your next destination? Bayrams on-site travel agency can help with all your travel planning needs. Whether it's a bus ticket to Cappadocia or booking a Mediterranean Blue Cruise, Bayrams can help make your travel plans easy.

Laundry Service

When you can't bear the idea of washing another pair of pants in the sink, give us your laundry to do. You'll get it back, sun-dried, the same day.

Travel Library and Book Exchange

Olympos is a great place to think about your travel plans and Bayrams offers a library with guide books on loan as well as books for exchange.

Cheap Ticket: (Flight tickets, Bus tickets, Ferry tickets)

Not sure how to get to your next destination? We make your travel plans easy. We can book internal flights within Turkey and international flights to most other destinations around the world. And of course, we can book bus tickets within Turkey and ferry tickets to Greece, Italy and other nearby countries. One of our most popular sales is the cheap charter flights to the UK.

Indoor Sports in the Outdoors!!

As well as meeting many interesting travellers to while away the hours on our comfy platforms, we have chess, cards, checkers, movies, and of course the national Turkish sport Backgammon!! We also provide snorkel gear for those heading to the beach!

Olympos Climbing Packages

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