Chimera - Flame Tour

Check out the amazing phenomenon of the natural gas flames known as the Chimera. This geothermal event has been burning for thousands of years. The content of this gas, which makes these flames re-ignite, is still a mystery. Come and see for yourself and tell us your theory. Trips to the Chimera leave every night after dinner.

3 Nights/4 Days; Boat Cruise Olympos to Fethiye

See the spectacular coastline between Olympos & Fethiye. What better way to do this than to cruise the Mediterranean on a Turkish Gulet. Laze around on the deck, soak up the sun, dive off the boat into the stunning colours of the Med waters, eat loads of delish Turkish cuisine, and drink cold beers and wines. There are so many beautiful bays and coves around this coastline stretch. Nestled between islands and beaches you will also find historical archeological sites to explore.

Daily Boat Tours

Don't have as much time to spare but still looking for a relaxing boat trip. Then enjoy the surrounding coastal areas of Olympos.

Olympos Climbing Packages

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