We arrange a tour to Yanartas (Chimera) in Cirali every night at 21:00 PM.

Chimera Tour

Chimera is one of the most famous touristic places of the area which has become a subject to many legends and stories in history. In the area, about a dozen flames issue from a mass of rock and never dies with no apparent fuel to sustain them. Although, actually the flames are burning a sort of methane gas that has been venting from the earth on this rocky slope for thousands of years; of course, there is a story behind this. The most famous one is about the Lycian king, Bellerophontes, who was tasked with killing a monster that breathes fire, called the Chimera. Bellerophontes attacked and killed the monster while on his winged horse, Pegasus. Chimera is buried, and but the flames from its mouth still shoot from the ground.

You can reserve for the tour during the day and a shuttle will pick you up at 21:00 in summer time and 20:00 PM in winter time from Bayram’s. After a 24 kilometres-drive there is a walking way of approximately 1400 meters. It takes around half an hour to walk the way (because of the slope) before arriving Chimera. You can bring some sausage or marshmallows with you to cook with the fire. Finally, the bus turns back to the hotel around midnight.

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