Olympus or Olympos was a city in ancient Lycia. It was situated in a river valley near the coast.


About Olympos

Olympus or Olympos was a city in ancient Lycia. It was situated in a river valley near the coast. Its ruins are located south of the modern town Çıralı in the Kumluca district of Antalya Province, southwestern Turkey. Together with the sites of the ancient cities Phaselis and Idyros it is part of the Olympos Beydaglari National Park. The perpetual gas fires at Yanartaş are found a few kilometers to the northwest of the site.

Nestled amongst the natural backdrop of Antalya province’s Mediterranean coast, it is a bohemian sanctuary full of tree house bungalows and Lycian ruins. It is also the nesting site of Caretta Caretta sea turtles, and if you are traveling in Turkey, you should know that this is your cue for an epic beach.

What To Do in Olympos

Beside lying down under the trees and enjoying the amazing beach and the sea; a wide range of activities are also available in Olympos including the boat tours, rock climbing, ATV tours, a visit to Chimera etc. You can find the details of the activities in our web page. Below are some other options:

Olympos Plajı

Swim together with Caretta Carettas

The natural Olympos Beach is the spawning ground of the famous Caretta Carettas. That’s why the beach is closed to any business or facility. These amazing animals spawn in special places at the beach and the eggs stay there for 2 months. If you are in Olympos at the right time and lucky enough, you can see the small turtles getting out of their eggs and walking to the sea. Also it is very possible to share the sea with a Caretta Caretta while swimming in Olympos or in a boat tour. It is an unforgettable experience to swim with one of them.


Explore the Olympos Ancient City

The ancient city of Olympos was one of the 8 big Lycian cities in the history and is much bigger than you see while walking to the beach. The city is divided into two main parts with a river as south and north.

The Olympos harbour is also known as a “pirate center” in history because it stayed under the control of pirates for almost 100 years and was saved by the Roman Commander Isauricus. The temple gate, the theatre, the southern and northern necropolis, the necropolis church, the entrance complex, the alcestis sarcophagus, the monumental graves of the harbour, the harbour basilica, the southern slope settlement, the bathhouse with mosaic pavements and the agora that have reached today from ancient times, are the important structures worth to see. The excavations are still going on in the city.

Ancient City of Olympos, which is included on the UNESCO Tentative List in 2009, is one of the outstanding universal values of Turkey.

Adrasan Plajı

Go to Adrasan

Adrasan Beach is only 20 minutes by drive away from Olympos and is great place with a sandy beach, a beautiful sea and many cafes and restaurants. There is also a trekking parkour through the forest which takes around 2-3 hours and is a part of Lycian way. But please be sure that you have the appropriate cloths and shoes if you prefer to walk.

Visit Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis was an important port city like Olympos and is located 35 kilometers from Antalya and 15 kilometers from Kemer. It is only 30-40 minutes by driving from Olympos.

Founded in 693 BC, Phaselis was an important port city in history. This port city, which has a rich history, is crucial for its ruins, historical amphitheatre, aqueduct, agora and baths. Combining history and the sea, Phaselis is an ancient settlement where ancient ruins enrich your holiday experience. You may breathe the historical tissue in Phaselis, which is a must see place.

Olympos tekne turu

Rent a Canoe from the Beach

You can rent a canoe at the Olympos Beach for an hour. Bu please be sure that you use some sun protection! There is small cave very near to the beach and you can ride inside. It is a great place to take some photos.

How to Get to Olympos

There are international flights to Antalya from all over the world via transfer in Istanbul. Once you arrive to Antalya airport you have some options to come to Olympos easily which is 85 kilometres from Antalya.

  • VIP Transfer: We provide you a VIP transfer from airport to Bayram’s with a very reasonable price! Please contact us at least 1 day before you arrive to arrange a VIP transfer.
  • Public Transport: First you should take “HAVAS” shuttle bus from airport to Antalya bus station. At the station take the buses to Kumluca or Kas direction and ask the driver to drop you at Olympos turnout. From the turnout there are other small busses which will bring you in front of Bayram’s after a 12 kilometres journey.
  • Rent a Car: If you would like to rent a car from Antalya Airport, you can get one from Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Budget and many others. Follow the Kemer/Kumluca signs to leave the city. You’ll come to a fork in the road with Olympos on the left-hand side. You’ll continue for 9 kilometers and see a sign that says Olympos is 3 kilometers away.

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